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Wagon frenzy continues with another B-segment wagon for ASEAN.

Mitsubishi Lancer

6, Oct 2013

Not to successful attempting in rendering the new Mitsubishi Lancer. I guess it wasn’t the best option to base it on the Attrage. Attrage’s door handles and wheels are cheap looking too, I had to change them.

Proton Mirage

21, Nov 2012

Soon after the Mitsubishi Mirage was launched in Malaysia, I’ve receive emails and suggestions to rebadge the Mirage as a Proton; much like how the Lancer is “borrowed” officially as Proton Inspira. If you are among them hoping for more Proton-badged Mitusbishi, you’d be disappointed. Cars Bikes Trucks confirmed with Ryujiro Kobashi, Mitsubishi Motors Corporation’s vice corporate general […]

Can’t recall where I read from, but Mitsubishi intends to make a sedan variant of the Mirage. I hope they’ll do a better job than me. Anyway worth pointing, while rendering the Mirage Sedan, I notice this car has some of the worst cheap-looking key-holes. Don’t get me started on the front fog-light housing or […]

We’ve seen three badge-engineering collaboration betweem Mitsubishi, Peugeot and Citroen: Outlander, 4007, C-Crosser; i-MiEV, iOn and C-Zero; ASX, 4008 and C4 Aircross. So how about a reverse agreement, Peugeot PSA lending its 301 and C-Elysee sedan for Mitsubishi for an entry-level sedan specifically for East Europe and other developing nation? Though there’ll be a sedan […]

Mitsubishi Outlander

19, Jan 2012

Judging by this digitally-enhanced official teaser, Mitsubishi will reveal the new Outlander at the coming Geneva Motor Show.

Sorry for not posting lately. This site experienced some unforseen technical problem mid-week and was only sorted two days later. Anyway these are my idea how to perk up the rather disappointing looking Mirage. Do also check out my previous Colt Mirage rendering based on the Mitsubishi Concept Global Small, which I dare say looks […]

Proton Triton

28, Jun 2011

In my previous posting of the Proton Arena/Jumbuck, I mentioned having read from Wikipedia, that the new Arena/Jumbuck will be a rebadged 4th generation (and current) Mitsubishi Triton. And so I did this.

Just toying with a Outlander Sport facelift with front fascia of the Concept Global Small.

April’s Fool Prank

2, Apr 2011

It was obviously a prank. Nevertheless, Should be fun if the Aeroback returns. Compare to the Mitsubishi Lancer Sportback, this Inspira Aeroback has it’s number plate housing in the bumper, which I feel looks nicer.