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BMW 5-Series Liftback

28, Aug 2010

Remember I rendered the Audi A7 Sportback Allroad Quattro recently cause I want Audi to challenge the BMW 5-Series GT? Well, here’s if BMW decided to fight back, with not the GT, but a 5-Series Liftback. I think it looks better than the GT, more so than Porsche Panamera. But Audi A7 still looks better.

BMW 5-Series M-Sport

2, Jul 2010

After pictures from the brochure of F11 BMW 5-Series M-Sport package were leaked, Paul Tan believes the 5-Series Sedan M-Sports package would look pretty much the same. And so I did these. After these renderings were posted at Paul Tan’s, many commented the design is tame and those on the E60 was much better. Someone […]

In tonight’s episode, the team will put the Volvo XC60 to the test and find out if its safety features are anything to shout about. We will also showcase budding young racing talents that may soon become Malaysia’s upcoming Formula 1 driver and the grass root motorsport scene! On the other end of the motorsport […]

What happens if BMW makes a 5-Series Shooting Brake? Well, my idea of the 3-door touring would have lowered roof, frame-less door, thicker C-pillar and shorter rear overhang. I’ve also changed the rear number plate housing, and the hatch has higher loading lip. I think it looks more tidy.

My rendering was pretty close to the real thing, especially the shape or rear light housing, shape of hatch and it’s windows.


25, Jan 2010

I believe these are my first “tuning” renderings. If you know my style, I usually keep things simple and subtle. To me, these M5 impressions are considered loud.

BMW 5-Series Touring

26, Nov 2009

It’s pretty much easy to guess how the new F10 Touring would look. And I actually prefer the Touring over the sedan.

As some of you might have read from my tweet, I find the new BMW 5-Series as exciting a cold coffee in the morning. And that bum! So below animated gif shows how I prefer its bum to look.

BMW 5-Series Compact

30, May 2009

Remember the 3-Series Compact? This is my entry for CarSpyShots Photshop Contest 13. It was a rush job, and I ran out of idea. But now that it’s done, I realise I could have made it a 3-door instead, that’ll better suit the “Compact” name.