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Ever wonder how the Vision Mercedes-Maybach 6 might look if it’s shorter and gains two more doors? I envision this Vision Mercedes-Maybach CLS; basically the Mercedes-Benz Concept IAA wrapped with the body of Vision Mercedes-Maybach 6. Quite a beauty I dare say.

Mercedes-Benz CLU

24, Oct 2012

My inspiration for this utility coupe: 2012 Australian International Motor Show – utility coupe is very common down-under. My previous BMW 6-Series Pickup renderings

Above is my entry for Photoshop Contest 33.

IKEA Eco-Friendly Car?

24, Mar 2009

The Swedish has humour after all. Or maybe it’s the French. Here’s an interesting piece of automotive news rumour. It seems that IKEA might be launching a new environmentally friendly car called the LEKO. There’s even a fairly-official official website from France, where Christophe Grozs speaks in French, on the supposed unveiling of the LEKO scheduled for… 1 April. Guess […]

Volkswagen Bug Clip

19, Mar 2009

Okay. This time I’ve added a song to the clip. Higher quality clip after the jump.

Audi has been toying with other car brands in their commercials lately and in this particular commercial the famous lexus rx became it’s target. Watch the video below : Commercial 1 = Commercial 2 lol audi must have bought quite a number of lexus rxs to make this commercial…