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Thought I’d share this new rendering of Mercedes-Benz C-Class Sportcoupé. You can view renderings I’ve had already posted previous here.

I wonder if Mercedes-Benz has any plan to build a Porsche Cayman fighter. By the way I would have called this the SLC if not for the fact that the next generation SLK roasters will be renamed as SLC. So who can help to suggest a name for this SLK Coupe?

Why did I render these when there’s already the CLA? Well, Mercedes-Benz wants us to believe the CLA, like its bigger CLS brother, are coupe. Besides, given its size, the CLA is almost as big as the C-Class. So I want to do a proper 3-box A-Class sedan. In theory this will be a genuine […]

Mercedes-Benz G-Wagon

10, Jul 2014

Images may not be re-posted without permission. Rumors suggest an all-new Mercedes-Benz G-Wagon is set to arrive in 2017. Here are my renderings of what the new G-Class could look like. They were shared on Motor Trend a month ago.

A simple one, imagining the hatchback of the first generation C-Class.

This is my second attempt in rendering the C-Class Sportcoupé. You can view my previous renderings here. This time around I borrowed the roofline on the Mercedes-Benz Coupe SUV Concept.

The Mercedes-Benz S-Class Cabriolet will come in 2015. And it’s likely to wear a cloth roof rather than metal. This will be Benz’s biggest cabriolet yet, and will potentially rival the Bentley Continental GT Convertible.

This was rendered with reference to spyshots.

So I turned the S-Class Coupe into a 2-seater sports car; removing rear seats, shorten the rear overhang, lowered DLO and roof, lengthen the hood and smaller side windows. I like this rendering’s shape and profile over the S-Class Coupe’s. However this is definitely not something Mercedes-Benz has in mind, especially since the SLC (SLS […]

Images may not be re-posted without permission. Aside from the coupe, Mercedes is also preparing the cabriolet C-Class to go head to head with Audi A5 and BMW 4-Series, and most likely the Cadillac ATS Convertible too.