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Mazda CX-5

22, Nov 2011

With the Range Rover Evoque 3-door bringing back some interest to 3-door crossovers, a 3-door CX-5 can happen.

Perodua Alza Elite

27, Apr 2010

If Perodua makes an Elite edition of the Alza… Besides having Viva Elite’s front grille, fog lights, and rear bumper it also gets chrome door handles and bigger wheels.

Perodua Ruza

28, Nov 2009

Okay, so Perodua have just launched the Alza MPV… Perodua’s first MPV. Wait a minute, back in 1996, didn’t Perodua claim the Rusa as their first MPV? Wait, the Rusa was a microvan marketed as an MUV, Multi Utility Vehicle. But they also wanted people to buy it as a MPV. So this is Ruza, […]