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Alfa Romeo Mito

31, Aug 2015

Using the Mazda 2 and Alfa Romeo Giulietta as reference, I rendered this second generation Mito. If the Mito ever gets replaced, I believe it should still be front wheel-driven, and will be a 5-door hatchback.

Mazda 2 Coupe

28, Nov 2014

Like the Mazda 2 Wagon, this is unlikely to happen too. But this would have been a good spiritual successor to the Mazda MX3.

Mazda 2 Wagon

24, Nov 2014

Since there’s no Mazda 3 Wagon, I doubt there’ll be a Mazda 2 Wagon. Though such model might be popular in Europe.

Mazda 2 Sedan

19, Jul 2014

Will the next Mazda 2 sedan look like this?

Mazda 2 Sedan

7, Mar 2014

According to a report in, the 3rd generation Mazda 2 will be launched in Malaysia towards the end of 2014. That’s surprising because Mazda had just only shown the Hazumi concept, itself previews the hatchback version of 3rd generation Mazda 2. Well using the Hazumi, I have for you here how the sedan might […]

Mazda 2

7, Jan 2014

Imagining the new Mazda 2. Unfortunately no rear rendering.

According to recent auto news, Toyota and Mazda will produce a new subcompact for the North American market. Toyota will rebadge the Mazda 2 at its Guanajuato State plant in Mexico.