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BMW M5 Touring

2, Oct 2011

BMW M5 Gran Turismo

10, Apr 2011

Just toying with the idea of an M5 Gran Turismo.

This is the Alfa Romeo Giulietta Sprint Speciale, or you may also call it Giulietta SS. The original Giulietta Sprint Speciale was based on the post-war Alfa Romeo Giulietta Sprint (coupe). That Giulietta Sprint Speciale was more upscale version than the Sprint and featured a smooth, 2-door Gran Turismo body by Bertone. Read more about […]

According to What Car, Alfa Romeo will make seven all-new cars over the next four years. Among those new models, is the 5-door version of the Mito supermini. Guess Alfa Romeo wants to make sure Audi doesn’t dominate the premium mini segment with their forthcoming A1 Sportback (5-doors).

Quite frankly, I had high hopes this would turn out to be a beauty. But the end result disappoints me. It looks rather bulky and cheap. But then again maybe it’s just my (low) rendering quality. I must say though, I’m not sure why the original image has such heavy back. Photographer’s kits left in […]

In my previous not-too-successful attempt in rendering a shooting brake variant of the Alfa Romeo Brera, I mentioned I’ll give the 159 Sportwagon a try. I think the shooting brake style is better suited here with the 159. Besides removing the rear doors while lengthening the front doors, the roof had to be lowered too. […]

My friend asked, “What if Alfa Romeo increased the luggage compartment of the Brera, like a Shooting Brake, how will it looks?” I think my rendering doesn’t do his idea any justice. I do believe Alfa Romeo would look great as shooting brake. Maybe I’ll try the idea on the 159 Sportwagon. Special thanks: Thomas

According to Autocar, there will be a performance version of the new Giulietta. Badged as GTA or Cloverleaf, the Alfa Romeo it will be front-wheel drive , with a new 1750 TBi turbocharged petrol engine with Multiair good for 235bhp.