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BMW M3 Touring

30, May 2015

According to a report by Avto Magazin, BMW is preparing an estate version of the M3, and the M3 Touring might be shown at this year’s Frankfurt Motor Show.


19, Aug 2013

Another “what if’ set of renderings. What if BMW decided that the M3 will now be the GT variant? I’ve used the M4 treatment the 4-Series received for these renderings.


19, Oct 2011

These are my impressions of how the new BMW M3 (F30) might look.

BMW M3 Touring

4, Feb 2011

Autoblog reported a rumour that BMW may be considering an M3 Sportswagon, or Touring in BMW terms. Is it a little late to do an M3 Touring from the soon-to-be-replaced E93 3-Series? Well, look how long BMW to finally released the 1 Series M Coupe, or Audi with their RS3. I say build it! It’s […]

Just for fun, I made a video of the three different rendrings of Seat, Skoda and Kia based on the Volkswagen BlueSport Concept.

Seat Tango

28, Jan 2009

These renderings appeared in paultan, autoblog spain and espaciocoches.