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Lexus GS

23, Apr 2011

This is my impression of the production Lexus GS based on the LF-Gh Concept. I had previously rendered the forth generation GS back in August 2009, that you can see here.

Not wanting Range Rover to dominate the 3-door luxury SUV market with the Evoque, imagine if Porsche does a 3-door Cayenne.

Would be cool is Porsche really builds one. I actually like the fact it looks awkward, and lizard like. Hence, the name.

This rendering was for my friend Andrus, as an April’s Fool prank. On his site, he announced that, “Porsche is back with a powerful electric city car concept. The 3.6-meter long(about the same size as Mini Cooper, but wider and lower) concept has two electric motors on the front and rear axle with a total […]

VW Group chairman Martin Winterkorn has given the first official confirmation that a new entry-level Porsche sports car is being evaluated. Talking to Autocar in Wolfsburg as the new VW Polo received its the 2010 Car of the Year Award, Winterkorn said: “The Porsche model range is firmly based on the 911, Boxster, Cayenne and […]

Porsche 356 Roadster

22, Dec 2009

Now the smallest Porsche is not exactly small. The first Porsche however was the 356, a small 2-seater roadster with such diminutive scales that it’s somewhat the size of a Lotus Elise. Is there a market for such a little Porsche? Expected to be based on the new Volkswagen BlueSport concept, of which Audi will […]

Porsche Rockster

10, Nov 2009

A few years ago, Porsche was seriously investigating building a small SUV to slot in below the Cayenne. Just as the new 356 could allow the Boxster to move upmarket, so the arrival of a Porsche Rockster small SUV could allow the Cayenne to do the same and make the big SUV more profitable. Source: […]

For those of you who had just strike an investment deal from one of California’s venture capitalists or seeing that your own business is starting to make a fly; believing that your future’s very bright; Porsche has just made your next two years down the road a little bit brighter. The world’s first four door […]

Volkswagen boss Martin Winterkorn has outlined the new models he hopes will double Porsche’s sales in the next four years. He added that this was a realistic target thanks to new models, which could include a new model smaller than the Boxster, its smallest car so far, a “little brother” to the Cayenne and an […]

Porsche Tapiro

23, Jul 2009

This is my sick idea of what happens if Panamera bonks the Passat CC. What’s with the name? Well it from the 1970 VW-Porsche Tapiro concept designed by Giorgetto Giougiaro.