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Lexus GS Coupe

28, Oct 2011

The GS can look rather well as a coupe. But I did give it a more steeply raked windscreen, so it looks a bit sleeker.

Lexus GS SportCross

28, Aug 2011

I believe it will be ideal for Lexus to do a GS wagon if they are serious about becoming successful in Europe.

Above are my impressions rendered back in April 2011. Comparing to the press pictures below, I think the front and profile seem pretty close.

Lexus GS

23, Apr 2011

This is my impression of the production Lexus GS based on the LF-Gh Concept. I had previously rendered the forth generation GS back in August 2009, that you can see here.

Trying to improve the look of current Toyota Belta/Vios/Yaris by giving it the Verso front and US Camry rear. For those who don’t know how the original Toyota Belta/Vios/Yaris look, view the images after the jump.