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According to La Repubblica, Sergio Marchionne is to restrict Lancia to Italian market with just one, the Ypsilon. This means there’ll be no more Chrysler cars rebadge Lancia. How unfortunate, Lancia has quite a lustrous heritage.

Chrysler 200 Touring

4, Aug 2011

Here’s one way to sell the Chryser 200 in Europe, make it the Lancia Flavia SW. The estate shape gets rid of that awkward C-pillar too.

Lancia Flavia

19, Nov 2010

So according to report, Fiat S.p.A. CEO Sergio Marchionne said the Chrysler 200 could be sold to Europe as a Lancia. It’s unfortunate the new 200 doesn’t look like the 200C concept car from 2009 North American International Show, from which I had previously rendered into a Lancia Thesis. Thanks frederic about the name.