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Lancia Fulvia

4, Nov 2016

Another one that will not happen. This is my imagination of the production Lancia Fulvia, based on the Fiat 124, itself based on the Mazda MX-5.

Lancia Ypsilon

16, Feb 2016

Imagining the next generation Lancia Ypsilon, though there’s no news about it ever being replaced. This looks more like a rebody than an actual all-new generation of Ypsilon.

The title says it all. These renderings disappoint. So much for wanting to render a modern day Lancia Delta Integrale.

Lancia Fulvia

13, May 2014

Last week, I read in Autocar that Fiat Chrysler Automobiles is putting Lancia on house arrest. Meaning Lancia to only sell cars in Italy, and only one model, the Ypsilon. This is a good as killing off Lancia. Such a shame. These renderings are my tribute to that lovely Fulvia sedan from the 60s, and […]

Lancia Delta Sedan

16, Feb 2014

To my eyes, the first generation Lancia Delta will always be a beauty. Even today it still look stylish. This generation of Lancia is also known for it’s chassis and handling. So I wonder if there was a sedan variant, it would have been a great alternative/rival to the BMW 3-Series (E30). Especially if the […]

According to La Repubblica, Sergio Marchionne is to restrict Lancia to Italian market with just one, the Ypsilon. This means there’ll be no more Chrysler cars rebadge Lancia. How unfortunate, Lancia has quite a lustrous heritage.

Lancia Thema Coupe

16, Jun 2012

According, Lancia contemplating a Chrysler 300-based Thema Coupe.

Lancia Thema 8.32

23, Oct 2011

Remember the “ultimate” version of the previous Lancia Thema called 8.32 (“8” standing for the number of cylinders and “32” for the number of valves)? It used a 2927 cc Ferrari V8 engine that was based on the unit used in the Ferrari 308. Here I imagine the rebirth of the 8.32, where it uses […]

Chrysler 200 Touring

4, Aug 2011

Here’s one way to sell the Chryser 200 in Europe, make it the Lancia Flavia SW. The estate shape gets rid of that awkward C-pillar too.

Lancia Spyder

22, Jun 2011

I’ve decided to call this the Spyder and not the Fulvia, because in concept, the Spyder is bigger. And why is “Spyder” spelt with a “y” rather than an “i”? That’s because in the 70s, Lancia needed to differentiate the car (Beta Spyder) from the Alfa Romeo Spider.