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April’s Fool Prank

2, Apr 2011

It was obviously a prank. Nevertheless, Should be fun if the Aeroback returns. Compare to the Mitsubishi Lancer Sportback, this Inspira Aeroback has it’s number plate housing in the bumper, which I feel looks nicer.

Yesterday at some padi fields in Changi, I saw this Proton Inspira hatchback with a Malaysian number plate. Is Proton bringing back the Aeroback? And I thought Mitsubishi Motors announced last year that besides the Lancer, no other Mitsubishi models to be licensed to Proton. Sorry for the poor quality of the shot.

Lexus CT200h 3-Doors

2, Jun 2010

Not a big change, except for the shorter rear overhang, and slight increase in ground clearance. A-Pillar is more steeply angled too.

Lexus IS-Fc

26, May 2010

Lexus LS-F

17, Feb 2010

Why not shoe-horn the LFA’s 552bhp 4.8-litre V10 engine into a Lexus LS-F? Special thanks: Jaxon Uhles

Lexus VS

23, Dec 2009

When I saw pictures of Toyota Sienna, the first thing that came to my mind was, “Toyota and Lexus share the same (few) designers?” So, making the Sienna into a HS-like Lexus MPV was relatively easy.

Hi everyone, our third issue is now out and subsequently will reach vicinities of KL on Thursday, slowly covering market centers on Friday and reaching all places nationwide by Sunday. So what do we have now in this issue? SUPERB stuffs as always, we’re the first magazine in the world to publish the Lexus ‘CT200h’; […]

Toyota Sai

3, Oct 2009

… the upcoming second dedicated hybrid from the Japanese automaker bearing the Toyota name will be simply named the Toyota Sai. The Sai goes on sale in Japan on October 20th and slots in between the Prius and the Crown hybrid. Featuring a more powerful engine than the Prius, the Sai will look similar to […]

Lexus LF

22, Sep 2009

I did the above rendering in late August after Lexus release the first sketch (below left). Comparing to the concept seen at the recent Frankfurt Auto Show, my rendering seem pretty sad.