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This is the Alfa Romeo Giulietta Sprint Speciale, or you may also call it Giulietta SS. The original Giulietta Sprint Speciale was based on the post-war Alfa Romeo Giulietta Sprint (coupe). That Giulietta Sprint Speciale was more upscale version than the Sprint and featured a smooth, 2-door Gran Turismo body by Bertone. Read more about […]

According to What Car, Alfa Romeo will make seven all-new cars over the next four years. Among those new models, is the 5-door version of the Mito supermini. Guess Alfa Romeo wants to make sure Audi doesn’t dominate the premium mini segment with their forthcoming A1 Sportback (5-doors).

In tonight’s episode, the Driven team checks out BMW’s latest superbike, the S1000RR as well as Volkswagen’s gorgeous Passat CC. The stunning Alfa Romeo 159 also gets a review from us! All these and more on Driven. Catch the episode this Sunday at 10.30pm on 8TV or watch it online at

In my previous not-too-successful attempt in rendering a shooting brake variant of the Alfa Romeo Brera, I mentioned I’ll give the 159 Sportwagon a try. I think the shooting brake style is better suited here with the 159. Besides removing the rear doors while lengthening the front doors, the roof had to be lowered too. […]

My friend asked, “What if Alfa Romeo increased the luggage compartment of the Brera, like a Shooting Brake, how will it looks?” I think my rendering doesn’t do his idea any justice. I do believe Alfa Romeo would look great as shooting brake. Maybe I’ll try the idea on the 159 Sportwagon. Special thanks: Thomas

According to Autocar, there will be a performance version of the new Giulietta. Badged as GTA or Cloverleaf, the Alfa Romeo it will be front-wheel drive , with a new 1750 TBi turbocharged petrol engine with Multiair good for 235bhp.

Alfa Romeo MiTo Spider

25, Oct 2009

Here’s my entry for Photoshop Contest 17. I didn’t know what to render out of the Alfa Romeo MiTo. And so I did another Spider, unlike the other one I did previously.

Alfa Romeo MiTo Spider

24, Jun 2009

Well, we have Mini Convertible and Fiat 500C, erhaps Alfa Romeo should make a Spider version of its MiTo.