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Honda CR-Z 5-Door

3, Mar 2014

After poor sales worldwide, Honda will axe Insight production very soon. I never did understand the reason for making the Insight, especially since there already are the Civic Hybrid and Fit/Jazz Hybrid in Honda’s range. Anyway, why not make the 5-door CR-Z? That can be a suitable replacement for the Insight; and also a proper […]

Honda Civic Facelift?

15, Aug 2011

Just toying with the idea the Civic wearing Insight’s front fascia. I like it!

Bugatti Pau

28, Jul 2009

Like all my previous weird renderings (Maserati Ka and Rolls-Royce Casper), this is my idea of an “affordable” Bugatti. Right… What’s with the name? Well, it’s named after Pau Circuit in Pyrénées-Atlantiques, southwestern France. It’s a cute name anyway.