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Proton Perdana

6, Jan 2011

Yet another set of Proton Perdana renderings. Are these for real? Well, according to Berita Harian Online, the Nissan Fuga will be the Perdana replacement model. The first 150 units will be imported solely as official cars for top ranking government officials of Malaysia, although the paper added that the public might be able to […]

I like the new Sonata, it’s sleek and stylish, and actually looks expensive, regardless of that badge. So, we’ll be seeing a lot of this blue Sonata in Singapore? Please do. Sure beats having those (below) in Kuala Lumpur. The one cool thing about this TEKSI GILA THEOPHILUS Kuala Lumpur taxi, is that car sticker […]

Proton Saga Estate

21, Apr 2009

Always wanted an estate. My favourites are Volvo 240 station-wagon and Citroen ZX. Here, I toy with the idea of the Saga Estate.

This is my impression of the Saga Facelift due possible in 2011. I tried to incorporate the Proton Exora’s front design onto the Saga’s, especially the shape of the grille. Headlights reshaped and is slimmer, giving the front a wider face.

Since the Savvy and Saga are closely related, I feel they should facelift the Savvy, and call it the Saga Aeroback. While they are at it, give the Savvy the Saga front, and Satria Neo rear. And if they are “daring to dare” still, make a pseudo-SUV version too!