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Hyundai i30

5, May 2011

My impression of how the next i30 might look. Basically I turn the Avante/Elantra into a 5-door hatch, with a front grille that’s similar to the i40, and the rear of Verna/Accent hatchback.

Automotive News recently reported that Hyundai told dealers attending the brand’s make meeting today that a two-door coupe version of the 2011 Elantra will go on sale this spring. So why have the Elantra/Avante when they’ve just launched the Veloster?

Subaru Impreza

29, Mar 2010

Initially I wanted to add on just the Impreza VX‘s grille But eventually added in the Legacy’s front bumper too. The rear inspired by both Legacy and BMW 3-series Coupe.

Toyota and Daihatsu had just launched their second generation Passo and Boon/Sirion. When will we see the Perodua MyVi equivalent? And also the Subaru Justy?

Subaru FS-86

29, Oct 2009

The FT-86 was co-developed by Toyota and Subaru, with a 2.0 liter 4 cylinder boxer engine from Fuji Heavy Industries. Now, a Toyota with the excellent four pot turbo from Subaru might be an excellent thing for the world’s largest automaker, but how can this help Subaru?

Earlier, I got to know Toyota released the first official photos of the FT-86. After seeing the a near-production concept’s pictures, “Shit! Great!” I exclaimed disappointedly. Why? Because I was working on this car based on the Toyota Auris. Which I’ve obviously failed. I tried to make it look closely to the much-loved AE85 Levin produced […]

Subaru Exiga

23, Jun 2009

Again the changes are subtle. I did this because I find the Exiga a tad weird looking.

No offence Subaru fans. But seriously, do you like how the new Legacy looks? Here”s how I try to make it look better. Some might argue they see no difference apart from the colour change. Well, look at this for comparison. The rear also needs urgent facelift, as it looks too much like that of […]

Pimp my subaru

25, Feb 2009

Here’s another chop done on the subaru sti.