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Honda City Hatchback

9, Apr 2014

A proper Honda B-segment hatchback based on the City, especially since the Fit/Jazz has grown bulbously into a fat MPV.

Honda City Hatchback

10, Jul 2011

There are two stories why I rendered these. Firstly, there isn’t any compact hatchback on Honda’s range. I don’t count the Jazz/Fit as a hatchback, that’s more of an MPV. I also want the hatchback variant to resemble it’s actual predecessor, the second generation City (GA1) from 1986-1994. The second story was a dream I […]

Suzuki E-Swift

10, Oct 2010

My not so successful attempt in rendering an electric Swift.

A simple rendering of a Swift Speedster for the sunny Sundays.

Suzuki Swift Sport

23, Jun 2010

According to Autocar, a Suzuki source has confirmed there will again be a Sport version of the Swift, and it’s likely to retain the current car’s 1.6-litre engine.

Nissan Pixo

7, Jun 2010

Earlier this year, Autoblog said, “Suzuki provides its Indian-market Alto for Nissan to sell in Europe as the Pixo. But with Volkwsagen recently taking a majority stake in Suzuki, many are wondering if the Pixo spigot will be turned off. The Pixo competes with Volkswagen Lupo, seemingly giving the German firm a bit of motivation […]

I dare say I really like these renderings, especially the rear rendering that shows the roof’s mechanism.

Suzuki Roomster

8, May 2010

This is my entry for Photoshop Contest 15. Ran out of idea while trying to add the Swift’s front to the Roomster. So I used the Kizashi’s front instead. To make it look less top-heavy, I lowered the roof too.

While Suzuki already has the Equator mid-size pickup truck which is also the Nissan Navara, perhaps it might be replaced by the Volkswagen Amarok-based truck instead few years down the road.

I imagine that when the SX4 Sedan gets refreshed, Suzuki is going to give it Kizashi’s eyes and nose… and Kizashi’s butt.