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Lexus GS SportCross

28, Aug 2011

I believe it will be ideal for Lexus to do a GS wagon if they are serious about becoming successful in Europe.

This renderings were previously featured on ThisWeekInMotors on 5 May, and were later featured in Autblog two days later. Do you guys like it? I personally do.

In my previous not-too-successful attempt in rendering a shooting brake variant of the Alfa Romeo Brera, I mentioned I’ll give the 159 Sportwagon a try. I think the shooting brake style is better suited here with the 159. Besides removing the rear doors while lengthening the front doors, the roof had to be lowered too. […]

My friend asked, “What if Alfa Romeo increased the luggage compartment of the Brera, like a Shooting Brake, how will it looks?” I think my rendering doesn’t do his idea any justice. I do believe Alfa Romeo would look great as shooting brake. Maybe I’ll try the idea on the 159 Sportwagon. Special thanks: Thomas

Above is my entry for Photoshop Contest 10, a shooting brake of the Mazda 6.

What happens if BMW makes a 5-Series Shooting Brake? Well, my idea of the 3-door touring would have lowered roof, frame-less door, thicker C-pillar and shorter rear overhang. I’ve also changed the rear number plate housing, and the hatch has higher loading lip. I think it looks more tidy.

Expected at the next Paris Motor Show in October 2010, Autointernationaal reports that a new CLS will debut with the expected rakish form – as well as a shooting brake version. While we’re all ogling pictures of the fetching three-door concept shown above, the production version is expected to carry four doors and a liftgate. […]

Now isn’t this insane? But I would personally want one.