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Mitsubishi Colt

28, Jan 2011

This is my idea of how the Mitsubishi Concept Global Small will look like when it enters production as the Colt – a name it’ll most likely be christened with. As reported in Paul Tan’s blog, the Colt’s compact engines range from 1.0 litre to 1.2 litre, comes with regenerative braking system, automatic idle stop-start […]

Proton Savvy

20, Mar 2010

These are my renderings of 2011 Proton Savvy based on recent Proton Emas concept. Check out the following clip too on how the concept becomes the Savvy.

Since the Savvy and Saga are closely related, I feel they should facelift the Savvy, and call it the Saga Aeroback. While they are at it, give the Savvy the Saga front, and Satria Neo rear. And if they are “daring to dare” still, make a pseudo-SUV version too!