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Smart Fortwo Cabrio

2, Feb 2012

The facelifted Smart Fortwo Coupe has just been revealed. It’s not hard to imagine how the cabriolet will look. Actually I’m rather surprised the second generation Fortwo gets another facelift at this stage of its life. I thought the all-new 3rd generation is just around the corner, as rendered back in September 2011.

This is my entry for Photoshop Contest 12. Quite a bad rendering actually, given how it lacks originality. Even the side graphic is a direct copy of that on the Ford Transit Connect Taxi. I did learn something though, experimenting with rendering shiny and glossy coloured surface, into matt-black surface.

Ford Fusion

18, Feb 2010

Just an idea how to retire the European Fusion. The Fusion has been available in Europe since 2002, so it’s pretty old, and dated. The Ford Edge’s styling should help a bit, I think. Do you also know, that one English-speaking nation in Europe (who consistently praise and embrace all things Ford and Jaguar, but […]