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Ford Ka+ ST

20, Jun 2016

Should there be a ST version of the new Ford Ka+?

Another B-segment wagon concept in the mold of Ford Escort.

Aston Martin Cygnet

22, Nov 2013

Now that Aston Martin has killed the iQ-based Cygnet, will there be another small “affordable” Aston Martin? There was another weird creation of an Aston Martin based on the Perodua Myvi that you can see here.

Ford Ka Facelift

5, Jan 2013

According to Autocar, it’s unlikely Ford will replace the Ka due to lack of global compatibility. “It won’t pass a US crash test, it was designed too narrowly to suit European tastes and it’s only built in one place. It’ll get a light mid-life refresh but, as things stand, I can’t see a life for […]