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Aston Martin Escape

10, Mar 2014

This is interesting, giving the Kuga/Escape the new Ford frontal design, and rebadging it as an Aston Martin. Thanks Andrey Mazenkov for the idea.

Ford Focus Coupe

2, Mar 2014

I like the face lifted Ford Focus, though it really does look like an Aston Martin. And so that got me thinking of a coupe Focus. I think a Focus Coupe will do Ford good, as read in Autoblog, Chrysler will not replace both the 200 Coupe and Cabriolet. Ford can have the segment mostly […]

Ford Mustang Sedan

17, Dec 2013

Remember the April’s Fool prank from 2012?

Another B-segment wagon concept in the mold of Ford Escort.

Aston Martin Cygnet

22, Nov 2013

Now that Aston Martin has killed the iQ-based Cygnet, will there be another small “affordable” Aston Martin? There was another weird creation of an Aston Martin based on the Perodua Myvi that you can see here.

Ford Escort

2, May 2013

When I “productionised” the Escort concept, the more I believe this isn’t a C-segment sedan. It’s more of a sub C-segment, but isn’t as small as Fiesta sedan (B-segment). It’s in the same category as Skoda Rapid/Seat Toledo, and the discontinued Nissan Tiida. Agree? Anyway when done with the rendering, the Escort looks rather generic […]

Ford Everest

11, Apr 2013

Images may not be re-posted without permission. These renderings were featured in The Motor Report a month ago. They are also my second attempt in rendering the Ford Ranger-based SUV. You can check out the first attempt here.

Autoblog reported last month that Ford is talking unibody for Ranger replacement. Doug Scott, marketing manager for Ford Trucks, said there’s still a market for a smaller pickup, but that buyers expect to see a larger differentiation between the smaller utility vehicles and their full size counterparts in price, capability and fuel economy. With those […]

Ford Everest

22, Jan 2013

I am pretty sure when Ford replaces the Ranger-based Everest SUV, it will look better than my renderings.

Ford Expedition

13, Jan 2013

The F150 been around a few years, but the sister Expedition yet to be replaced. Will it look like this when it arrives eventually?