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Chevrolet El Camino

27, Dec 2010

According to Jalopnik, General Motor’s product planners are considering to import the Holden Commodore Ute to the United States. This vehicle would likely be a Chevrolet, and could bring back the “El Camino” name. I had previously rendered a coupe utility out of the Camaro earlier in March. You can view that here.

Volvo C70

8, Jul 2010

Okay since I’ve already did a coupe version of the S60 which I named C60, I shall call this the C70. These renderings first appeared at Inside Line last Wednesday, and the car is named C60 there. Judging from most of the comments and feedback, these seem popular, except for the original S60 face.

Volvo C60

31, May 2010

Should this car should be named C70 or C60? The current C70 is a C-segment coupe-cabriolet, whereas the S60 is D-segment. Or should this be called C80? back in March 2009, I did RWD C90 coupe renderings, based on the S60 concept.

In tonight’s episode, the team will put the Volvo XC60 to the test and find out if its safety features are anything to shout about. We will also showcase budding young racing talents that may soon become Malaysia’s upcoming Formula 1 driver and the grass root motorsport scene! On the other end of the motorsport […]

Volvo V60 Re-rendered

25, Apr 2010

I know I had done three Volvo V60 renderings previously, but these are different. These are edited with reference to spy pictures seen at lefthandnews. They should be more accurate to the actual production V60. According to Whatcar, up to eight engines will be on offer with a 114bhp 1.6-litre DRIVe diesel model should be […]

Volvo V60

16, Feb 2010

Volvo V60

21, Nov 2009

I know all estates in Volvo range are numbered 50, 70 or 90. So why V60? I’ll get to that later. When Volvo revealed the new S60 earlier this month, Autocar reported that the new S60 is to get an estate variant in 2011. While the V70 has grown in size (S80-based), and the smaller […]

Volvo S60

25, Sep 2009

Will the new Volvo S60 look like these renderings? They’re pretty close to the real thing. Read about the all new Volvo S60 in the latest issue of Wheels Weekly!

Volvo C30 5-door

3, Aug 2009

Above front 3/4 view rendering is my entry to Photoshop Contest 7. I had no idea what to render out of the original Volvo C30, so I just add two more doors. It’s not going to be a spacious hatchback. Anyway below are the side and rear 3/4 view renderings.

I read somewhere that the Volvo XC90 will soldier on till 2013 before its replacement come. So this is my impression of the XC90’s final facelift. I included some XC60 design elements to the XC90.