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Citroen DS4c

19, Apr 2011

A cabriolet Citroen should consider if they are not going to make a cabriolet of the DS3.

Who is TheDriver?

23, Apr 2010

“TheDriver” Official Trailer from Chrison Studios. “TheDriver” is an animated tv series scheduled for a Summer 2011 release. I can’t wait! From the HD 1280X720 trailer, you can see the cars and all the amazing detailing. In order of appearance: Nissan 350Z, Mitsubishi Laner Evo, Honda S2000, red Audi S4 (over-taken at 0:18), blue Range Rover […]

Proton Savvy

20, Mar 2010

These are my renderings of 2011 Proton Savvy based on recent Proton Emas concept. Check out the following clip too on how the concept becomes the Savvy.

Lexus CT200h

9, Oct 2009

SEAT Bolero

22, Jun 2009

Obviously, this is the cabriolet Exeo. Exeo itself, was Audi A4 (B4), and uses A4 Cabrio’s dashboard, and so on and so on… So folks, this is the SEAT Bolero.

Aww… look at mini Stig.

The boyz from Top Gear are coming back with the thirteenth season scheduled to go on air on 21 June 2009. In true Top Gear fashion, BBC have produced a witty teaser trailer that shows Jeremy Clarkson, Richard Hammond, James May as well as the ‘Stig’, in their very early years dreaming of what they […]

I love this girl! Yes… I do watch America’s Next Top Model.

Audi A0 with Clip

28, Apr 2009

This is my idea of the Audi A0 (pronounced A-Oh, not A-Zero) mini-car that rivals Smart ForTwo and Toyota iQ. View the following video to see additional renderings of the A0, and “transformation” from 2007’s Audi Metroproject Quattro Concept.

Audi Q3 with Clip

27, Apr 2009

In an official announcement released on 22 April, Audi has confirmed that it will build a Q3 crossover in Martorell, Spain in 2011. Described by Audi as “A coupé-like five-door SUV with seat positions, wheel size, and ground clearance characteristic of a typical SUV,” the Q3 is likely to look a lot like 2007’s Cross […]