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Perodua MyVi

1, Aug 2016

A simple rendering of the 3rd generation Perodua MyVi by combining designs of Bezza onto the body of Daihatsu Boon and Toyota Passo. I’m sure the eventual new MyVi will look different and much better than this.

Toyota Passo Sedan

24, Apr 2016

Lazy this weekend, hence, a lazy rendering. Adding a trunk to the new Toyota Passo. Is this what the much-anticipated Perodua sedan might look?

Subaru Justy

19, Jun 2011

Imagining how the new Justy might look should Subaru rebadges the Myvi/Passo/Boon with Trizia’s front fascia.

If only I could…

Mercedes-Benz CLC

11, Jun 2009

It was sad for Mercedes-Benz to have given the C-Class Sportcoupé a half-hearted facelift, and calls it the new CLC. Come on Mercedes-Benz, whatever your excuse was, you should have done a proper CLC. So here’s my idea of the CLC, based on W204 C-Class.