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Toyota Passo Sedan

24, Apr 2016

Lazy this weekend, hence, a lazy rendering. Adding a trunk to the new Toyota Passo. Is this what the much-anticipated Perodua sedan might look?

Subaru Justy

19, Jun 2011

Imagining how the new Justy might look should Subaru rebadges the Myvi/Passo/Boon with Trizia’s front fascia.

If only I could…

Mercedes-Benz CLC

11, Jun 2009

It was sad for Mercedes-Benz to have given the C-Class Sportcoupé a half-hearted facelift, and calls it the new CLC. Come on Mercedes-Benz, whatever your excuse was, you should have done a proper CLC. So here’s my idea of the CLC, based on W204 C-Class.