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Perodua Viva

10, Aug 2011

These are my idea of the new Perodua Viva based on Daihatsu A-Concept.

Coupes are making a comeback. And Europe has not seen a large Honda coupe for years. It’s about time one returns. Just hope Honda keeps it a genuine two-door coupe, and not a 4-door or 5-door.

According to Autobild, Honda HSV-010 is headed for production next year. But didn’t Honda crushed all hope and rumour of an NSX successor late last year? Anyway Autobild went on to say for the HSV-010 to transform from a race car to road car, it will have narrower track, more sculpted sides and looses that […]

Honda NSZ

15, Jan 2010

Back in 2007, Honda unveiled the Acura Advanced Sports Concept, a front engined, rear wheel drive V10 supercar that will serve as the successor to the highly successful NSX. Of course, following the invincible GTR’s launch, Honda decided to further develop the NSX replacement, of which then the financial crisis crash course its way into […]

Acura TSX Sport Wagon

31, Oct 2009

Acura’s announced on 28 October 2009, the addition of a TSX sport wagon — with, assumingly, styling like the Euro Accord wagon (above) — to its 2011 model lineup. Source: Jalopnik

Acura RSX

5, Sep 2009

Acura, which left the compact segment at the end of 2006 by dropping the RSX, is planning a successor to battle with the BMW 1-Series, Volvo C30 and Audi’s A3. The vehicle would be based on the next-generation Honda Civic, which arrives in 2011. So don’t expected to see anything until 2012. Source: eGMCarTech I […]

SEAT Exeo Freetrack

26, Jul 2009

Just submitted the above for CarSpyShot Photoshop Contest. It’s my idea of the Exeo Freetrack base on the Acura ZDX.