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Honda Civic Tourer

23, Mar 2016

I wonder how will the next Honda Civic Tourer looks. Something like this?

Honda Civic Tourer

8, Apr 2011

The last Civic wagon was the British-built Civic Aerodeck that was never replaced after 2001. Ten years on, should Honda bring back a Civic wagon?

I want this! I need Santa’s email address. Unfortunately the watch is just a concept at the moment. Read more about it here. Source

Following introduction by my good friend, Paul Tan. Looking at automotive photography and accompanying text is one thing but there’s nothing like watching the wheels we love in action, in motion. That can only be accomplished with video. 2 years ago we realized that there was an emptiness on the television screens in regard to […]

It absorbs for 10 hours before recharging is required.

I would like to introduce you to Arts@Metta, a project by Metta Welfare Association which comprises a group of my talented friends, they are youths with special needs from Metta School Alumni. From left: Seah Chee Meng, Aravin s/o Sechachalam, Tan Yee Chew, Mohaman Dzulkifli Bin Mohd Amin, Muhamad Rosmutaqim Bin Umar, and Muhamad Rasul […]

After seeing the Haynes merchandise, I wonder if I could do the same with my renderings. I have this old Mac PowerBook carrying case. It’s a bit rusty, but it’s a nice cool case. Maybe I should start with it and make it the Bug cage. Or I should just make some T-shirts. P.S. That’s not me above.

Haynes Mechandise

28, Mar 2009

Do you remember the Haynes Manuals? Since Haynes Publishing was founded in 1960, approximately 150 million Haynes Manuals have sold throughout the world, over 1 million in the UK last year alone. There are around 300 UK car manuals in print at present with 130 plus UK motorcycle manual titles – not to mention equivalent ranges […]

What is Automoblox?  While studying Industrial Design at Carnegie Mellon University, Patrick Calello was challenged with a task of developing new consumer product concepts for the do-it-yourself wooden hobby industry. Being a “car-guy”, Calello immediately developed a novel toy car concept that could be fashioned out of wood. It was the fall of 1992 when […]