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Citroen DS4c

19, Apr 2011

A cabriolet Citroen should consider if they are not going to make a cabriolet of the DS3.

The magazine arrived this morning. It’s been a long wait and lots of e-mails exchanged. Finally it’s here. For those who don’t understand what’s the big deal with this particular issue, do read my previous posts: In search of Autocar UK (21 April issue) In anticipation of Autocar UK (21 April issue) I like to […]

You would have read here on 12 May about my ordeal in getting a copy of Autocar UK, 21 April issue. Well, after exchanging some e-mails with Autocar in London, a visit to the bank and post office, I just might be able to get hold of this particular issue. I would like to take […]