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Funny. What took me so long, I ask myself. If there’s any car suitable to be made into an ute I feel the Chrysler 300 would be the ideal candidate. While we’re at it, let’s drop a HEMI V8 into the hood shall we?

Lancia Thema Coupe

16, Jun 2012

According, Lancia contemplating a Chrysler 300-based Thema Coupe.

Chrysler 300 Touring

31, Dec 2010

When this blog was new, I posted renderings of the Toyota Corolla 2010 facelifts  on 10 February. It was around the same time the renderings were uploaded to my flickr page (here and here). What puzzles me still, they are consistently the daily most viewed photos from my flickr uploads. And as of 21 May, both have […]

Nothing to shout about this, the front obviously uses the Lexus IS grille. The headlights are part Corolla and part IS. I rendered the slimmer rear lights to resemble the IS too, and added two exhaust for that extra bit of sportiness.