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Chrysler 100

22, Jan 2016

Here’s my idea of the hypothetical Fiat-based Chrysler 100. The front looks sad, like a duck actually. Anyway in late 2015, it was reported the Chrysler 100 project’s been dropped. So the Egea/Tipo will wear only the Fiat badge for now.

Here’s my idea of how Chrysler could possibly sell the Lancia Delta in US, as a sedan. I am naming it as the 100, as it will be a compact sedan that sits beneath the 200, making it Chrysler’s smallest sedan. Lancia can also sell this variant in Europe as the Prisma, a name last […]

Audi TT

27, May 2010

When Audi revealed the facelifted TT in Leipzig Auto Show in Germany last month, I was kind of disappointed with how little the car has changed aesthetically. Perhaps Audi has that “If it ain’t broken don’t fix it?” philosophy. So here’s my take on a facelifted TT.

Peugeot RCZ Roadster

30, Oct 2009

The Audi TT has been enjoying lone success in a rather niche market it created since 10 years back, a small, tiny premium 2 seater coupe that had mesmerized men women alike with nifty handling and a definite oh-they’re-looking-at-me-satisfaction guarantee. Peugeot however, seems to be not in any sort of complacency after dethroning Audi off […]

Now isn’t this insane? But I would personally want one.

Audi T

8, Jun 2009

I should have rendered these years ago. I like it strangely, like one half of the TT. Hence the name, Audi T. [ad#theoseperatebar]