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Fiat 600

10, Sep 2010

I read somewhere a while ago that Fiat plans to add two doors to the 500, for the American market. And in doing so the car will be named 600. Can someone help me find that report/article? To accommodate the extra pairs of doors, I did not increase the wheelbase, but I did make the […]

Fiat Ulysse

19, Jun 2010

This is my entry for Photoshop Contest 20. My idea was for Fiat to replaced its 8 years old large MPV that’s a joint-venture of PSA and Fiat, with the new Ulysse based on the Dodge Grand Caravan. Yes, I know this looks plain weird.

Audi A55 Cargo Van

4, Dec 2009

Yup, another “what-the-fish” rendering of mine. Bad a55 van.

Chrysler Delta

5, Nov 2009

With the appointment of Lancia CEO Olivier Francois as head of the Chrysler motor division, we can expect the two companies to collaborate on future products and take advantage of economies of scale… Word on the Italian street is that the current Lancia Delta could make it over here (North America) Source: Autoblog Well, the […]

Fiat 500 Roadster

21, Oct 2009

Now that BMW has confirmed on the production of the Mini Roadster, will Fiat follow suit and do a 500 Roadster?

Fiat Punto Emo

20, Oct 2009

I set out trying to improve how the Punto Evo looks, but ended up just slapping on the Linea front to it, and calls it Punto Emo.

Maserati Grande Punto

10, Jul 2009

There has been feedbacks regarding my Maserati Ka and that I should make a Maserati out of Fiat Grande Punto. Actually I did render one few years ago. Guess I’ll post it again.

Lancia Kandahar

1, Jul 2009

Since Fiat has a version of the Suzuki SX4 call the Sedici, I guess it’ll be fun to do a Lancia version too, call the Kandahar.

Abarth Bravo

29, Jun 2009

Okay this is the Abarth version of Fiat Bravo, and it’s also a three-door Bravo that Fiat doesn’t want to build.

Dodge Neon

16, May 2009

In the 6 May issue of Autocar UK, it mentioned that the Fiat Linea could be sold in US as the new Dodge Neon.