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Porsche Cayenne Coupe

24, Apr 2014

Well this was unexpected. I was being scientist Victor Frankenstein; attaching the roof of Mercedes-Benz Concept Coupe SUV onto the body of the Porsche Cayenne. It’s actually quite pleasant looking, the profile at least.

Porsche Cajun

15, Jan 2011

These commissioned renderings first appeared in on 6 January. According to Ed Wellwig, Porsche Cajun is expected to be launched in 2013, looking very much like the little brother of the Cayenne. The Cajun looks like the Audi Q5, that it will share a platform with.

Nissan Juke Cabriolet

22, Sep 2010

What began as a rumour back in May 2009, it’s now confirmed Nissan will reveal the Murano convertible at 2010 LA Auto Show. And now, Insideline claims the SUV will be named Murano CrossCabriolet, as the world’s first all-wheel-drive crossover convertible and with four seats. This could possibly the new cougar-ride for California.

Nissan March Sedan

31, Jul 2010

This is my idea of March/Micra K13 Sedan. We know there will be a sedan version of the K13, and it’s very likely to wear a completely new sheet metal, rather tahn adding a trunk to the rear of the hatch. While my version isn’t to everyone’s liking, I think it looks better than some […]

Nissan Micra 3-door

29, Jul 2010

Nissan Pixo

7, Jun 2010

Earlier this year, Autoblog said, “Suzuki provides its Indian-market Alto for Nissan to sell in Europe as the Pixo. But with Volkwsagen recently taking a majority stake in Suzuki, many are wondering if the Pixo spigot will be turned off. The Pixo competes with Volkswagen Lupo, seemingly giving the German firm a bit of motivation […]

Autocar reported that the new Dacia Duster could become a Nissan as well as a Renault. “In a market where Nissan had a presence and Renault didn’t, it would be a possibility,” a Renault-Nissan insider confirmed to Autocar.

Nissan AD Resort

8, Apr 2010

This is my idea of the all-new Nissan AD Resort. Nissan stopped selling the affordable compact station wagon in ASEAN since late 90s. I believe the Dacia Logan MCV would provide a good basis for a new Nissan compact station wagon. After all, the sedan and pick-up version of the Logan are also available elsewhere […]

Nissan Micra C+C

4, Mar 2010

This variant will come sooner or later. I only hope it looks better than the first C+C. But then again most small coupe-cabriolet never do. I guess we can all appreciate them with the tops down.