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Porsche Cajun

15, Jan 2011

These commissioned renderings first appeared in on 6 January. According to Ed Wellwig, Porsche Cajun is expected to be launched in 2013, looking very much like the little brother of the Cayenne. The Cajun looks like the Audi Q5, that it will share a platform with.

Fiat Ulysse

19, Jun 2010

This is my entry for Photoshop Contest 20. My idea was for Fiat to replaced its 8 years old large MPV that’s a joint-venture of PSA and Fiat, with the new Ulysse based on the Dodge Grand Caravan. Yes, I know this looks plain weird.

Dodge Neon

16, May 2009

In the 6 May issue of Autocar UK, it mentioned that the Fiat Linea could be sold in US as the new Dodge Neon.

Dodge Punto

13, Mar 2009

Fiat will share the three platforms it uses for the Panda, Punto and Bravo with Chrysler and could get access to Jeep as part of the deal between the two companies announced last week. Source: Autocar UK So here’s my impression of a Dodge based on the Fiat Punto.

Chrysler is was considering the launch of a small car-based pick-up truck to replace larger, body-on-frame models, reports Detroit News. Chrysler’s product development chief Frank Klegon said the company needs a ‘lighter-duty, multipurpose vehicle from a lighter, more fuel-efficient car platform’, and that such a model could be sold at a more affordable price. The […]