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BMW i5

28, Oct 2015

Just toying with the idea of a compact BMW i5, by grafting the i8’s nose onto the body of the Nissan IDS Concept.


5, Sep 2014

Remember my previous renderings of Volkswagen XL2? Here’s my idea of how BMW could rival that with an i8 with 4-doors. The rear suicide doors are obviously inspired from the i3.

BMW i8 Spyder

11, Sep 2013

Since BMW did show the i8 Spyder Concept, this could be in their plan.

BMW i8

3, Apr 2012

These are my prediction of how the production i8 will look. Loosing the concept’s see-through doors, and gaining those of the i8 Spyder Concept’s.

Infiniti M Coupe

21, Apr 2010

Inspired by my Hyundai Equus Coupe, this is the other RWD coupe. Although the Hyundai Equus is full-sized, while the Infiniti M is mid-sized.