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24, Apr 2011

This is my entry for Photoshop Contest 15. The contest’s theme is ‘Kidney Grilles & Hofmeister Kinks’. And this is my Z8 reborn.

Coupes are making a comeback. And Europe has not seen a large Honda coupe for years. It’s about time one returns. Just hope Honda keeps it a genuine two-door coupe, and not a 4-door or 5-door.

Honda Odyssey

26, Jun 2010

I really dislike the new US version of Honda Odyssey, hence these renderings.

According to Autobild, Honda HSV-010 is headed for production next year. But didn’t Honda crushed all hope and rumour of an NSX successor late last year? Anyway Autobild went on to say for the HSV-010 to transform from a race car to road car, it will have narrower track, more sculpted sides and looses that […]

Honda CR-Z Del Sol

24, Mar 2010

Pardon the poor quality of the rendering. I’ve never been good at transferring in-door studio shot onto an out-door back-ground. Anyway this CR-Z cabriolet is inspired by the Honda CR-X Del Sol with its (then) revolutionary TransTop.

Honda NSZ

15, Jan 2010

Back in 2007, Honda unveiled the Acura Advanced Sports Concept, a front engined, rear wheel drive V10 supercar that will serve as the successor to the highly successful NSX. Of course, following the invincible GTR’s launch, Honda decided to further develop the NSX replacement, of which then the financial crisis crash course its way into […]

Acura TSX Sport Wagon

31, Oct 2009

Acura’s announced on 28 October 2009, the addition of a TSX sport wagon — with, assumingly, styling like the Euro Accord wagon (above) — to its 2011 model lineup. Source: Jalopnik

Starting on November 16, Honda will begin selling a “Bitch Dog Friendly” version of the Element for an extra $995 with a “pet accommodation system designed to improve safety, comfort and convenience for dogs and their owners alike.” Source: Honda USA Wow! So owners can use that ramp and kennel too!

Honda Accord

8, Sep 2009

A friend saw the Honda Airwave renderings, and commented: “The nose is sublime! Graft it onto an Accord USDM, please Theo.” He was referring the nose of Honda City. So that’s how the following came about. Frankly I’m not too sure if the City grille is any better than the original.

Honda Airwave

7, Sep 2009

The original Honda Airwave was the station wagon version of the first generation Honda Jazz/Fit. This Airwave is based on Honda City, itself sharing platform with second generation of Honda Jazz/Fit.