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BMW 3-Series Facelift

26, Dec 2014

Recently there are spyshots of the 3-Series undergoing test with a camouflaged front, suggesting the mid-life facelifted 3-Series will be revealed soon. This is just my idea of how it might look.

Wow! This is tale of how Max Reisböck “created” the compact executive wagon. the BMW 3-Series Touring. He built the first 3-Series Touring in his his back yard, using a wrecked car as a base. He then showed it to BMW bosses, they loved it and the 3-Series Touring was born. To me, the 3-Series […]

Was reading this article from Carscoop about an owner of the Yugo 55e crafted a BMW 3-Series E30 style grille and lights on the front end of the car. I quite like that. And so I render this, asking what if BMW build a hatchback variant of the 3-Series (E30) , instead of the Compact. […]

These renderings of the new 3-Series GT are based on spyshots that were featured in Carscoop. Images may not be re-posted without permission.

BMW 3-Series Touring

29, Nov 2011

Here’s how I imagine the next 3-Series Touring might look. Maybe it’s a personal preference but I think the estate/wagon 3-Series looks better then the sedan.


19, Oct 2011

These are my impressions of how the new BMW M3 (F30) might look.

BMW 4-Series

17, Oct 2011

Sorry I’ve been too busy lately to render anything interesting. Anyway this is my BMW 4-Series coupe. I remembered reading somewhere the coupe and convertible variants of the new 3-Series will actually be called 4-Series. Now this might seem all too familiar to the new 3-Series, I’ve actually increased the front fascia, making the bonnet […]

Here’s how you should confess to a girl. Do it on national tv! From my friend’s blog. DicknChick Basicly this is what happened : Guy: Actually, I’ve had a crush on you for a long time now… Girl: Oh. Guy: You really don’t have any feelings for me? Girl: Do I have to like you […]