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BMW 1-Series Sedan

22, Jun 2015

Third attempt in rendering the 1-Series sedan; attempt one (RWD) and two (FWD). fourth, if you include that Fiat Aegea-based BMW sedan. I still hope BMW sticks to RWD format for its small sedan. And likewise for the next generation 1-Series hatchback too.

BMW 235tii Touring

23, Mar 2014

Remember the legendary BMW 2000 tii Touring? Well here’s what started up as a mash-up BMW 2-Series and 1-Series, ended up as homage to the 2000 Tii Touring.

BMW 1-Series Facelift

20, Mar 2014

Giving the 1-Series a much needed facelift, with reference to the 2-Series. I think this looks better.

The BMW Concept Active Tourer is likely be called 1-Series GT when it enters production, and as the first FWD car to wear the BMW badge. Next generation BMW 1-Series Hatchbacks will switch to FWD too, and I was inspired by that for this rendering.

BMW 1-Series Touring

23, Dec 2011

Will this variant see the light?

BMW 1-Series Sedan

20, Jun 2011

With Audi building the A3 Sedan, and Mercedes with their CLC (A-Class Sedan), I think the second generation of the 1-Series should spawn a 4-door sedan variant. I’ve previously rendered a 1-Series Sedan based on BMW’s first generation compact, back in November 2009.

BMW 1-Series Cabriolet

11, Jun 2011

Above is part of my entry for Photoshop Contest 22. The contest’s theme is to render any car (for a real car company or a fictional one) and create either a magazine cover or advert to show off your new model. You can view the finished cover I’ve done here. Unlike the first generation […]

It’s obvious when the BMW 1-Series pictures were leaked, the styling raised many eyebrows for the wrong reason. Here’s my revision. Do you think it’s better? Do check out my earlier BMW 1-Series impressions here.

Blue VS Black

18, Dec 2010

Which do you think is a nicer colour? Thanks to the suggestion by my friend Porsche-Power. I like a black BMW 1-Series M Convertible. By the way, below is an additional black 1-Series M Convertible, a rendering I did for submission to Photoshop Contest 37.

Since there’s a BMW 1-Series M Coupe, will there be a convertible version? Would look cool don’t you think?