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BMW 1-Series Sedan

21, Jul 2014

There will be a 1-Series sedan. But unfortunately it will not be the RWD hatchback with an added trunk. It’s reported the 1-Series sedan will be front-wheel driven, sharing its platform with the 2-Series Active Tourer. Well, the Audi A3 Sedan and Mercedes-Benz CLA are FWD too.

BMW X6 Cabriolet

8, Jun 2014

A lazy simple rendering for the weekend. Since BMW builds some awkward SUVs, why not add an X6 Cabriolet to its range. Unlike the failed Nissan Murano CrossCabriolet, this might work as somehow people would buy anything with a BMW badge on.


2, Jun 2014

Last month, Car and Driver reported that BMW will be launching a Z2 roadster to sit below the Z4 and rival the new Mazda MX-5 Miata. I based my renderings on the BMW Zagato Roadster concept, reducing front and rear overhangs, wheelbase, width and shoulder height. The Zagato Roadster’s styling was tweaked front and back […]


17, May 2014

News has it that BMW will start building its biggest SUC, the X7 at its plant in US from 2016. I wonder how big can the X range get. Perhaps after the X7, there’s still room for an X9? Well, anything big and bling sells in US.


11, Apr 2014

Auto enthusiasts loves the 2-Series. Does that mean the M2 is on the card? BMW should really consider making the M2.

BMW 2-Series Van

28, Mar 2014

TGIF! Something fun to welcome the weekend. A bratwurst delivery van, a mighty fast one that is.

BMW 235tii Touring

23, Mar 2014

Remember the legendary BMW 2000 tii Touring? Well here’s what started up as a mash-up BMW 2-Series and 1-Series, ended up as homage to the 2000 Tii Touring.

BMW 1-Series Facelift

20, Mar 2014

Giving the 1-Series a much needed facelift, with reference to the 2-Series. I think this looks better.

BMW 4-Series Compact

19, Mar 2014

Originally wanted to render a BMW 4-Series Shooting Brake, it ended up looking like this, more of a 4-Series 3-door hatchback. So I’ve decided to call this the 4-Series Compact instead. The original BMW Compact was the 3-door hatchback variant of the 3-Series. A rough estimation suggests this 4-Series Compact to be around as long […]

BMW 4-Series Tourer?

2, Feb 2014

I have to ask BMW. What’s next? 4-Series Tourer?