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BMW 5-Series Touring

14, Oct 2016

Now that the much anticipated BMW 5-Series (G30) has been revealed, the next popular variant, the 5-Series Touring, should appear in a few months time.

BMW Pickup Truck

5, Aug 2016

Images may not be re-posted without permission. Recent rumour is that BMW is still keen in having a pickup truck in its line-up to fight the upcoming Mercedes-Benz GLT, I thought I give this BMW pickup truck idea a go again.

BMW X4 Pickup Truck

28, May 2016

This monster I’ve created, the BMW X4 Pickup Truck.

BMW 5-Series (G30)

1, Mar 2016

Here are my impressions of the next BMW 5-Series (codenamed G30) based on seen spy shots.

BMW i5

28, Oct 2015

Just toying with the idea of a compact BMW i5, by grafting the i8’s nose onto the body of the Nissan IDS Concept.

BMW M2 Cabriolet

15, Oct 2015

Will there eventually be a BMW M2 Cabriolet?

BMW 8-Series

13, Oct 2015

I rendered this large BMW coupe by productionising the Gran Lusso Coupe concept from 2013. According to, BMW is currently considering a flagship 9-Series Coupe. I’ve decided to rename this coupe as 8-Series, after all it was BMW who insisted that their coupe range will have even numbered series, while the sedans and wagons […]

BMW 1-Series Sedan

22, Jun 2015

Third attempt in rendering the 1-Series sedan; attempt one (RWD) and two (FWD). fourth, if you include that Fiat Aegea-based BMW sedan. I still hope BMW sticks to RWD format for its small sedan. And likewise for the next generation 1-Series hatchback too.

BMW M3 Touring

30, May 2015

According to a report by Avto Magazin, BMW is preparing an estate version of the M3, and the M3 Touring might be shown at this year’s Frankfurt Motor Show.

BMW Compact Sedan

22, May 2015

The new Fiat Aegea is pretty tidy looking. While initially I’m reminded of 2009’s Tata Pr1ma Concept by Pininfarina, the more I look at the Aegea, the more I see some BMW detailing; the 2-series headlights, the rear trunk, and especially that Hofmeister kink. Hence I rendered this, as BMW’s smallest possible sedan.