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11, Apr 2014

Auto enthusiasts loves the 2-Series. Does that mean the M2 is on the card? BMW should really consider making the M2.

BMW 2-Series Van

28, Mar 2014

TGIF! Something fun to welcome the weekend. A bratwurst delivery van, a mighty fast one that is.

BMW 235tii Touring

23, Mar 2014

Remember the legendary BMW 2000 tii Touring? Well here’s what started up as a mash-up BMW 2-Series and 1-Series, ended up as homage to the 2000 Tii Touring.

BMW 1-Series Facelift

20, Mar 2014

Giving the 1-Series a much needed facelift, with reference to the 2-Series. I think this looks better.

BMW 4-Series Compact

19, Mar 2014

Originally wanted to render a BMW 4-Series Shooting Brake, it ended up looking like this, more of a 4-Series 3-door hatchback. So I’ve decided to call this the 4-Series Compact instead. The original BMW Compact was the 3-door hatchback variant of the 3-Series. A rough estimation suggests this 4-Series Compact to be around as long […]

BMW 4-Series Tourer?

2, Feb 2014

I have to ask BMW. What’s next? 4-Series Tourer?

BMW Compact 5-Door

16, Dec 2013

Remember the BMW Compact? Essentially the grandfather of the BMW 1-Series. When this first Compact was introduced in 1993, it very popular in its home market in Europe, hich prompted BMW to market the car to North America a year later. This despite the rear suspension uses a semi trailing arm from the previous model […]

BMW 2-Series GranCoupe

28, Oct 2013

Initially I wanted to extend the wheelbase of the 2-Series to render the GranCoupe. I then got to know both 5-door 1-Series and 2-Series have the same wheelbase, which is quite long. But the 2-Series will definitely has a compromised headroom. Unless, like the different wheelbase between 6-Series coupe and GranCoupe, the 2-Series GranCoupe could […]

BMW 2-Series Cabriolet

26, Oct 2013

It’s a matter of time this variant appears.

BMW i8 Spyder

11, Sep 2013

Since BMW did show the i8 Spyder Concept, this could be in their plan.