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After reading news of Crewe’s plan for a sub-5 meter 4-door coupe, I am very keen in rendering this entry-level Bentley. Unfortunately I only have time to render the profile. I only hope they use of the Porsche-developed MSB platform destined for the next-gen Panamera, and not the D5 platform being readied for the next […]

Bentley Contiguan

13, Jul 2011

Like yesterday’s mutant Polomera, this rendering was also published in the July issue of Torque. I actually like the idea of a Contiguan (Continental GT + Tiguan).

Lancia Kandahar

1, Jul 2009

Since Fiat has a version of the Suzuki SX4 call the Sedici, I guess it’ll be fun to do a Lancia version too, call the Kandahar.