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Somehow I don’t quite like these renderings. I don’t know if that’s due to the shape, the proportion, or the size of those rear side doors. But hey, it’s Friday, so TGIF!

The Beetle Pickup did exists! But I couldn’t find much information on that cool looking war-era pickup bug. Can anyone enlighten me on this?

It’s Sunday! Let’s drop the top and welcome the sun. This is my second attempt with the Volkswagen New Beetle Cabriolet, based on the recent E-Bugster Speedster Concept. You can check out the other Beetle Cabriolet renderings published a year ago here. Time flies doesn’t it?

Volkswagen Bugster

6, Feb 2012

Something fun to start a new week. Just thought Volkswagen to put the E-Bugster Concept into production, but with a TSI engine. To “productionised” this E-Bugster, I’ve given the concept new front and rear bumper, side skirts, production side mirrors and yellow coat of paint.

According to Car and Driver, A Volkswagen insider said that a Beetle R has been confirmed for the U.S. No word on engine, but the car site figure it will get the higher-output turbocharged 2.0-liter from the Golf R.

Above is my entry for Photoshop Contest 35. I extended the wheelbase and rendered a 5-door variant of the Beetle.