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13, Mar 2016

Been busy and stressed at work, hence this monstrosity call WTHIT, What The Hell Is This. I am Dr Frankenstein. Name all four cars and models I’ve combined into one here.

Audi Q2 Cabriolet

10, Mar 2016

Will there be an Audi Q2 Cabriolet to fight the Land Rover Range Rover Evoque Convertible and (possibly) Volkswagen’s production T-Cross Breeze?

Audi Q2

16, May 2011

Just toying with the idea of a 3-door Q3 that Audi can consider calling it Q2. I took the opportunity to revise the front, while shortening the wheelbase. It should be considered as a rival to Mini production Paceman.

Tribute to the Kancil

5, May 2009

According to Motor Trader Malaysia, Perodua Kancil will finally retire by 3rd quarter of 2009, after being in production for 16 years. So how well do we know the Kancil? Read more after the jump.