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Audi A5 Sedan

16, Sep 2016

Two days ago I shared the renderings of Audi S5 Avant. That got me thinking about an A5 sedan. Would you prefer this over the Audi A4?

Audi A4 Allroad

20, Oct 2015

Here’s how I imagine the next Audi A4 Allroad might look.

  Ever wonder how Audis might look without they signature single-frame grille?

Audi A5

19, Aug 2015

Here’s how I imagine the next Audi A5 Coupe to look; predictable and some-what boring.

Is this considered a buttlift? Well with all the craze in floating roof design, I thought why not give the Audi A4 Avant similar treatment to its rear D-pillar. What do you think?

Audi RS4

2, Jul 2015

Trying to visualise how the next Audi RS4 will look.  

Audi A4 Avant

13, Feb 2014

What’s an Audi without the Avant. A quick one, the wagon variant of yesterday’s A4 renderings.

Audi A4

12, Feb 2014

Finally completed. These set of renderings were challenging. So here we have the new A4 base on the styling and design of Audi Sport Quattro Concept. By the way, at the time of posting, I’ve read from Top Gear that the Audi Sport Quattro has finally been approved for production. The coupe will sit between the […]

Audi RS4

30, Oct 2011

With the new BMW M3 sedan coming soon, I think it’s about time the RS4 returns.

Chevrolet Cruze Wagon

9, Nov 2009