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Audi S3 Coupe

16, Aug 2014

Not too happy with the end result. I guess the A3 sedan and Cabriolet are both too short to be rendered into a coupe. The high roof isn’t helping with the proportion either. So I gave up rendering the front and rear 3/4 renderings after this awkward profile.

Audi A3-Based MPV

7, Jun 2013

Audi is allegedly working on an MPV version of the A3 which will be shown in concept form next year. Here’s my take on how it might look. Hopefully the actual MPV will be more stylish than mine.

Audi A3 Avant

5, Apr 2013

Will there be an avant variant of the new A3?

Volvo has the V40 Cross Country, so why not this. I had previously rendered the Allroad Quattro version of the second generation A3 that you can see here.

Audi A3 Wagen

11, Aug 2012

I love it when they make a van out of compact hatchbacks. So why not the A3? Well, besides removing the rear windows, I’ve also made the rear hatch more upright, and lowered the opening.

Audi RS3 Concept

5, May 2012

This is my concept of the RS3, with reference to the A1 Quattro and RS Q3 Concept.

Audi A3 Sportback

23, Mar 2012

Here’s how I imagine the new A3 Soortback will look.

Audi A3 Cabriolet

9, Mar 2012

I wonder if there’ll be a cabriolet version of the new A3. If so, will the rear roll-over hoops stay? They have become synonymous with the A3 Cabriolet.

Audi A3 Coupe

3, Nov 2011

Audi A3

28, Mar 2011

These are my impression of the 3rd generation Audi A3 3-door. To differentiate it from A3 sedan and Sportback rendered previously, the 3-door variant gets frameless doors, different headlights, grille, wheels, rear hatch, bumpers and diffuser. It also gains a rear spoiler.