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Audi A1

10, Feb 2016

My impression of how the next generation Audi A1 might look.

Audi 60

11, Dec 2013

Was going through some old Audi pics and saw the tidy looking Audi 50 mini from the 1970s. That got me thinking, if Audi ever considered making Audi 60 mini in late 1980s. And like my rendering, could it have shared platform with the elegant third generation Audi 80.

Porsche A1

6, Dec 2013

What if Porsche wants a slice of the premium mini cake?

Audi A1 Avant

11, Jan 2013

Here’s the wagon variant of the A1, Audi’s more conventional challenger to the Mini Clubman with suicide rear doors.

According to Autocar, Audi have revealed plans to introduce a semi-open-air version of the compact hatchback, much like the Fiat 500C. An early design study of the A1 with a retractable cloth roof panel, has been added to Audi’s road-going prototype ranks, increasing speculation that the car has been approved. Well I did the above […]

Happy Hew Year everyone. Been a while since I post any chop. So let me start 2012 with a clean and simple chop that best represents my style and me. I wish 2012 will be a great year for you all.

Here’s the A1 that Audi announced will not build, the Allroad Quattro.

Audi A1 Sedan

26, Jun 2011

Just toying with the idea of A1 sedan variant. I doubt Audi will consider such small sedan. But on the other hand the Vento/Polo Sedan sells pretty well, such small sedan might be popular in sedan-favoured market like South East Asia and China.

Chevrolet El Camaro

15, Mar 2010

This coupe utility Camaro rendering is inspired by the Chevrolet El Camino article I read at Jalopnik.

Chevrolet Camadore

11, Jan 2010

Here’s an idea. Since there’s possibly zero chance we’ll see the Camaro officially offered in South East Asia, why not give the RWD Holden Commodore a Camaro nose, and market it as Chevrolet Camadore (I know, the name’s a joke). What’s more, the Camadore can replace the slow-selling Chevrolet Epica, can better rival the Camry-Accord-Teana […]