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Is this considered a buttlift? Well with all the craze in floating roof design, I thought why not give the Audi A4 Avant similar treatment to its rear D-pillar. What do you think?

Audi RS4

2, Jul 2015

Trying to visualise how the next Audi RS4 will look.  

Ferrari FX

6, Jun 2015

Once this rendering of Ferrari FX Crossover goes viral, expect to find me murdered by Italian mobsters.

Audi RS3 Avant

19, May 2015

Last week I shared with you my impression of the RS3 Sedan. Today I am paying homage to the original Audi RS2 with this RS3 Avant.

Audi RS3 Sedan

12, May 2015

I remember reading somewhere that North America may get a sedan variant of the RS3. I rendered these by combining front and rear bumper of the RS3 onto the wide body of the A3 Clubsport Quattro Concept.

Some crazy idea to start the new week. How about the utility coupe version (or more lovingly called Ute in Australia) of the Audi Prologue Allroad Concept? You know me and my peculiar taste. I personally really like these renderings.

Audi R8 Spyder

1, Apr 2015

Audi just released these official images of the new R8 Spyder.

Buick Avenir Tourer

28, Mar 2015

Got curious to see how a Buick Avenir will look with the roof of the Audi Prologue Avant. I really like the end result. Though it’s now more like a large liftback than a wagon.

Audi A9 Sportback

2, Mar 2015

Rendered these impressions of Audi A9 Sportback by combining the roof of Prologue Concept to the body of Prologoe Avant Concept.

Audi Q6

25, Jan 2015

With the popularity of BMW X6 and the launch of Mercedes-Benz GLE Coupe, Audi is about to enter that niche segment too with the Q6. Audi boss Rupert Stadler told Autocar, “We can imagine a model between the Q5 and the Q7… a coupé-like, four-wheel driven model.”