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Acura Ridgeline

27, Jun 2016

Will there be an Acura version of the Honda Ridgeline?

Honda NSX Roadster

27, Mar 2016

There will be a roadster version of the Honda NSX. It’s just a matter of when it’ll be produced.

Honda Integra

18, Jan 2014

Remember the Integra, a sports compact manufactured by Honda from 1985 to 2006. Despite its popularity, along with the Prelude, it was dropped from Honda’s range because they care not profitable to Honda. That a shame really. So here, I imagine the rebirth of the Integra, which is a coupe version of the Acura ILX.

Read from Paul Tan’s blog that Proton Holdings has entered into a collaboration agreement with Honda Motor Co. The deal was signed earlier today in Japan. More of the report here. So here I imagine the Acura (Honda) being rebadged as Proton, just for the fun of it.

Acura NSX

6, Jul 2012

Images may not be re-posted without permission. The top rendering was featured in the July issue of Road and Track magazine. These were an attempt in visualizing a production NSX.

If only the Acura ILX is sold in Asia Pacific as the Civic. It’s a much better looking product than the cheap-looking 9th generation Civic.

Acura CSX

28, Sep 2011

This are my impressions of the next Acura CSX. This version is the booted variant of the Europe Civic.

Trabant nTwip

2, Oct 2009

This is my Trabant nTwip, now-THAT’S-what-i–prefer. Rendered out from the recently unveiled Trabant nT. My nT has proper grille, up-right front (headlights), higher-positioned front bumper that is bigger, a more angled windscreen, and bigger wheels… You would really need to compare it to the original nT to see the differences. Sorry.