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Audi A1

10, Feb 2016

My impression of how the next generation Audi A1 might look.

Porsche A1

6, Dec 2013

What if Porsche wants a slice of the premium mini cake?

Audi A1 Avant

11, Jan 2013

Here’s the wagon variant of the A1, Audi’s more conventional challenger to the Mini Clubman with suicide rear doors.

Audi A1 Sedan

26, Jun 2011

Just toying with the idea of A1 sedan variant. I doubt Audi will consider such small sedan. But on the other hand the Vento/Polo Sedan sells pretty well, such small sedan might be popular in sedan-favoured market like South East Asia and China.

Chrysler 300C

19, Jun 2009

Above is my entry for CarSpyShots Photoshop Contest 16. The changes are very VERY subtle. Can you guys spot the differences? Well, original pictures after the jump.