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Porsche 911 Facelift

28, Dec 2014

Another facelift rendering. This time I’m updating the look for the 911 with the front that looks quite similar to that on the 918.

Porsche 911 Turbo

31, Mar 2012

Mules of the 911 Turbo have been spotted a few times. Autocar and Autoblog have shown of spy pictures in the last two months too. So it’s only a matter of time the 911 Turbo is revealed. Image may not be re-posted without permission.

RUF Roadster

15, Mar 2012

These renderings were featured in Road & Track a month ago. They are ideas of how the new RUF Roadster will look, based on Porsche 911 (991) series. Images may not be re-posted without permission. RUF Automobile GmbH is a German automobile manufacturer. RUFs are built from unmarked Porsche bodies and chassis. When a chassis […]

Porsche 911 Speedster

31, Jan 2012

Here’s how I imagine the 911 Speedster (991) will look, if Porsche decides to bring back this hunchback 911 two-seater.

If Porsche decides to make a 911 Targa again.

Looks pretty familiar doesn’t it?

Nissan Versa

7, Aug 2009

When I first saw the new Nissan Leaf electric vehicle, it crossed my mind that this car could eventually be the next Versa/Tiida. But it also looks strangely familiar. Now, unless they mention Princess Leia or Queen Amidala (without the Geisha make-up), it is not, I repeat, it is NOT a compliment if a car […]

Nissan Tiida Sport

5, Aug 2009

Here’s my idea of a 3-door Tiida/Versa. I used styling elements first seen on the Nissan Sport Concept from 2005.