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24, Apr 2011

This is my entry for Photoshop Contest 15. The contest’s theme is ‘Kidney Grilles & Hofmeister Kinks’. And this is my Z8 reborn.

Honda Accord

8, Sep 2009

A friend saw the Honda Airwave renderings, and commented: “The nose is sublime! Graft it onto an Accord USDM, please Theo.” He was referring the nose of Honda City. So that’s how the following came about. Frankly I’m not too sure if the City grille is any better than the original.

Honda Airwave

7, Sep 2009

The original Honda Airwave was the station wagon version of the first generation Honda Jazz/Fit. This Airwave is based on Honda City, itself sharing platform with second generation of Honda Jazz/Fit.

Honda City Coupe

19, Apr 2009

What do you guys think of this coupe version of the Honda City?